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Partner und Sponsoren Kongress 2014

Partner und Sponsoren Kongress 2014

Wir danken unseren Partnern und Sponsoren des SAVE FOOD Kongresses 2014.

Anne Roulin

"Nestlé’s journey to Zero Waste", Ms Anne Roulin, Research & Development Sustainability Manager, Nestlé

8 May 2014, 11.55 a.m./ SAVE FOOD Congress

"Addressing the issue of food waste is one of the keys to feeding 9.6 billion people by 2050 in a sustainable way. Nestlé’s journey to zero waste starts by transforming perishable raw materials into safe, value added food products for consumers, which Nestlé began 150 years ago.  Nestlé is actively working to reduce food waste across the entire value chain from agricultural raw materials, through processing, packaging, distribution and right to the consumer."

Jeffrey Wooster

"Packaging Innovation: Saving Food Around the Globe", Jeffrey Wooster, Global Sustainability Director, Packaging & Special Plastics, The Dow Chemical Company

8 May 2014, 12.15 p.m./ SAVE FOOD Congress
"The sustainability of our global food system can be improved through better use of high performance packaging technologies. The presentation will provide examples of innovative packaging technologies designed to meet the varied needs of different supply chains around the world."

Dr. Ronald Cotterman

"Using Innovation to Keep Foods Fresher for Longer", Dr. Ronald Cotterman, Vice President, Sustainability, Sealed Air Corporation

8 May 2014, 11.40 a.m./ SAVE FOOD Congress
"Sealed Air has made significant advances in technology and distribution, but food contamination is still a large societal problem with fatal consequences regardless of wealth. Our society is increasingly conscious of the impact our actions have on the environment yet we throw away billions of tons of edible food each year that consume valuable resources and end up in our landfills.  Nearly every step from food production to consumption affords the opportunity for waste reduction.  By understanding the reasons for food wastage, such as spoilage, damage or consumer factors, solutions can be targeted to reduce, and even prevent future food losses.  Examples are presented that illustrate the role that innovative packaging and hygiene solutions have in addressing causal factors while delivering quality fresh foods safely and efficiently from point of production to the point of consumption."

Ulla Holm

"Food for Development. Making food safe and available everywhere", Ulla Holm, Global Director Food for Development Office, Tetra Laval

7 May 2014/ SAVE FOOD Congress
"With an increasing world population, access to nourishment is a growing concern in developing countries in particular. At Tetra Pak, we believe that the most effective way to tackle the food security issue is to build  local and sustainable food value chains. This means reaching beyond the scope of our business to support the development of a healthy dairy industry and the development of consumer awareness around food safety. With deep knowledge in aseptic technologies and dairy farming, Tetra Pak supports the development of the entire dairy value chain from cow to consumer. Through school feeding programmes and initiatives for small-holder farmers, developed together our institutional partners, Tetra Pak is committed to scale up nutrition where it’s most needed."


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