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Packaging of Kellogg’s Tresor

Putting damaged packs to good use


As one of the largest companies for cereals in the world, the American Kellogg Company (Kellogg’s) has been committed to charitable and environmental projects for many years now. Damaged packs of cornflakes have been donated to charitable organisations and cereal waste has been used for making beer since 2019.
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Food that cannot be sold by wholesalers is available at reduced prices in the Too Good To Go shop in Copenhagen. Photo: Too Good To Go

Food losses: More than two billion tons per year in 2030


According to estimates by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), around a third of all food spoils world-wide – this amounts to 1.3 billion tons annually. By 2030, they expect losses to increase to more than two billion tons per year. Innovative industrial and societal solutions can help counter this negative trend.
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Photo: Crowdbutching

Avoiding Food Losses and Waste


One third of all food produced for human consumption gets lost or is wasted. Various initiatives around the world show how this can be combated with the right ideas, modern technology and, above all, with joint forces.
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Reducing food losses means improving the climate


4 November was a crucial date, as this is when the Global Climate Treaty entered into force, an agreement which had been decided upon only a year earlier, in Paris, by over 190 countries.
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Perfectly imperfect


(Not) so nice! The wonky veg – packaged carrots, parsnips and cucumbers – that is sold at some Tesco stores (UK supermarket chain) probably wouldn’t win a beauty contest.
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Debate on best-before date produces new business ideas


While one person throws it in the bin, another person is still happy to eat it. And in fact we are not talking about food in the Third World, but food in our industrial nations – food which is thrown away simply because the label says so, even though the content of the package is still edible.
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Success Formula


Commitment, stamina and a shared goal: these are the “ingredients” that SAVE FOOD and Azuri Health have mixed to produce tasty dried mangoes.
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Best rests


Packed for enjoyment later — with a clear conscience There was a time when we would not have dared to ask the server if we could take the leftovers on our plate home with us to enjoy later. Those days are gone.
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